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Our 24/7 Offshore Medical Billing Services?

We have a professional team with specific years of experience. Choose our 24/7 offshore medical billing services to get efficient revenue cycle management(RCM). Our billing process includes effective communication to ensure better service delivery.

We have updated our team with the latest trends and technology to meet the medical sector billing needs. Moreover, our multi-speciality expertise in this field is proven trustworthy and certified. Our billing team works with updated solutions and ensures the best result.

This is the reason we have a huge client base for a longer period. We have the relevant experience and expertise to manage different types of billing-related chores. Each billing process is processed in a professional manner. Our experts implement advanced techniques to accelerate the services.

We have deeply understood that changing medical reforms in the healthcare sectors as per the government’s initiatives is leading to challenges. Prior to improving the quality, the challenges in revenue management have been noticed by our experts.

The challenges like operating costs and denials, a reduction of reimbursements, and decreased time on patient care are affecting the medical sector. We have noticed these challenges and developed our medical billing service to best serve you.

Our outsourced medical billing service segment is qualified and competent to deliver high-quality and reliable service. Moreover, our solutions are scalable and flexible to meet the practice demands of various small clinics, individual practitioners, and large multi-speciality chains.

Looking for an offshore medical billing service? Consult us now to avail the services and get in touch with our professionals.

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Do you follow-up on unpaid claims?

We do, indeed.
Our billing specialists do a detailed analysis of your accounts receivable status to spot low payments, refused claims, and unpaid claims. All new claims are filed with any required information. We assist in reducing accounts receivable days and accelerating your cash flow through prompt follow-up and appeals.

What about your pricing options?

Our outsourced medical billing services are reasonably priced and offer the best rates in the business. We provide two pricing models: an FTE (Full Time Equivalent) model and a piece rate approach. The amount an office really receives from the insurance company is the basis for our price, which is based on a percentage of receivables. You won't have to worry about setup fees or other expenditures while working with us.

How do you manage patient collections?

Sending patient statements on time is one of our patient responsibility management services (sometimes modified based on customer preferences). We also follow up with phone calls and a demand letter. We can observe that prompt follow-up enables speedier reimbursement. If our customer believes hiring a collection agency or attorney is essential, we will also deal with them.

Is OSI HIPAA-compliant?

Yes, we adhere to HIPAA regulations and requirements in full. All patient information is kept safe and secure thanks to our strict data security procedures. Security precautions are used both internally and while transferring files. All of our workers are required to sign a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement, and our whole crew receives privacy, security, and confidentiality training. All business parties have current and up-to-date contracts in place.

Do you have experience in my specialty?

Anesthesiology, cardiology, hospital medicine, endocrinology, pain management, physical therapy, and radiology are just a few of the medical specialisations that our trained professional medical coders and billing specialists can effectively deal with. Details about the many specialisations we offer are available on our specialties website.
To learn more about your needs in your specific speciality, call us at the number below.

How is the communication handled?

We are aware that a Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) project requires effective communication. For rapid support, we keep in touch by telephone, private instant chat, and emails. You may reach our project managers at any time with a simple phone call.

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